Area of Services

  • Civil Laws
  • Intellectual Property; trademarks, Copy rights, patents and industrial designs
  • Foreign Investment
  • Taxation Laws
  • Contracts and Arbitration Laws
  • Consumer Protection Laws
  • Licensing Services (only Japan office)
  • Registration of Company/AOP/NPO
  • Visa & Immigration Services (only Japan office)

Apart from abovementioned areas Awan & Associates also raise consumer awareness on counterfeiting and fake product issues through organizing seminars and workshops.


Licensing Services

Permission certificate or license for various business activities are specialist services of our staff. We process applications of our clients for following listed themes.

  • Landfill permit application;
  • Treatment facility permit application;
  • Storage facility permit application ;

Transshipment of industrial waste collection and transportation business license application;

  • Construction permit application;
  • Automobile dismantling license application;
  • Antique license application;
  • Business license application for conversion of agricultural land; and
  • Application of general cargo transportation business

Registration of Company/AOP/NPO

We have extensive experience in registering companies, partnerships, sole proprietorship firms and not for profit organizations, incorporated under different laws and ordinances.


What we can do for you.

  1. Domain/Name Search.
  2. Drafting Articles and Memorandum of Association.
  3. Drafting necessary applications to the concerned offices.
  4. Drafting power of attorneys, affidavits, and other necessary documents required as per law.
  5. Obtaining license under different sections of different laws.
  6. Registration of patents, design, trademark, copy right & industrial designs.

Registration of Legal Documents

We can register your all documents with concerned departments and authorities. If you wish to engage us please send us an email or contact on telephone. The necessary expense and fee will be intimated to you after preliminary discussion on your demand.

Visa & Immigration Services

Awan & Associates offers a wide range of Immigration services for all types of visas, migration services and naturalization process to Japan and other countries. We can help you gain a visa in cases like the following: Established Business; Senior Executive; Investor Visas; Investor Immigrant Visas; Self-employed Immigrant Visa; Business Immigration by Investing; work permit and visit visa to all countries.


Foreign Investment

We also offer services in connection with foreign investment in Japan and Pakistan. The range of services offered in this area include; advice in relation to Japan and Pakistan’s investment policy for the specific sector/industry, company registration and relevant foreign exchange regulations.